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Whenever your original music is performed in a live venue, played on the radio, or streamed online — you are owed what is called a “performance royalty.” Performing Rights Organizations (or P.R.O.s), such as ASCAP and BMI in the US, collect those royalties on behalf of publishers and songwriters. In order for you to tap into this music publishing revenue stream, you need to be affiliated with a Performing Rights Organization. If you aren’t with a P.R.O., we can affiliate you as a songwriter in the US (ASCAP, BMI) and Canada (SOCAN), or guide you to your country’s P.R.O. membership application. If you are with a P.R.O. already, we will administer your existing P.R.O. affiliation.

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Free Guide: Music Publishing 101

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A Publishing Split Sheet for Co-Songwriters

  • The simple 3-step template will help you avoid legal disputes down the road. Songwriting publishing made easy from CD Baby.
Publishing split sheet for collaboratorsPublishing split sheet for collaboratorsPublishing split sheet for collaborators
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When you sign up for CD Baby Pro Publishing Administration, we will:

  • Affiliate you as a songwriter with a Performing Rights Organization (P.R.O.) in the US (ASCAP, BMI) and Canada (SOCAN); administer your existing P.R.O. affiliation; or guide you to your country’s P.R.O. membership application
  • Register your songs with royalty collection societies around the world
  • Collect all the performance royalties you’re owed worldwide
  • Collect all your worldwide mechanical royalties (for streams and international downloads), which Performing Rights Organizations do NOT collect

CD Baby Pro Publishing Administration is available in numerous countries and territories.
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